The Heidi Chronicles

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the role of Peter in the HEIDI CHRONICLES with The Bridge Initiative.

The play was read over Zoom on Sunday, June 14th at 1pm

The play about a young woman trying to find her identity in relation to the world, to the fight for social justice through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The cast featured Amie Bjorklund, Alison Campbell, Ian Christiansen, Fred Gerle, Marina Blue Jarrette, Chelsea McCasland, E.E. Moe and Betsy Mugavero as Heidi. The play was directed by Daniela Crispo.

I directed a scene for a class in 2006 and love the play. So reading Peter delighted me. He is a gay man who struggles with Heidi about his sexuality and whether his social justice is just as important as hers.

The play highlights how our human inclination is to sideline others for our own political expedience. This division has slowed progress for everyone. Peter and Heidi have a beautiful friendship that helps them through their differences and dissolution.

Brenda Foley curated plays that were very topical for 2020 for the SAI Readings. This was a treat I enjoyed immensely during this time of social distancing.

Thanks to Brenda, the whole Bridge Initiative team and the City of Tempe for paying us actors to flex our muscles while we are sidelined.

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