The Living Room Series: The Mind of Shakespeare

I’ve been asked to be a part of the inaugural season of The Living Room Series where I will be performing an afternoon of Shakespeare in the home of a local patron of the arts on December 2nd, 2018.

Ashley Bradford, concert pianist, gifted piano teacher, entrepreneur and friend, had the idea of creating a small, intimate performance experience for local patrons of the arts with local talent.

As part of the first season, she invited me to perform an hour of well known Shakespeare monologues, soliloquies and short scenes as an interactive one-man show.  I’ll delve into what I do to prepare a Shakespeare text and share some background about each piece and the play where it is found.  In doing so, we will get a small a glimpse into the mind of the Bard.

The season also will include three other performers: piansts, a dancer and a musical theatre performer.  The season will be kicking off with one of the Valley’s top musical theatre talents, and a dear friend, Toby Yatso, who will be singing Broadway favorites on October 21.

Please use the links below for “friends of the artist” discounts:

2018 Season Memberships.  Regular: $80 – $10 friends discount with this link.

Single Ticket: The Mind of Shakespeare with David Dickinson, December 2, 2018.  Regular: $25 – $5 discount with this link.

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