Hosting Food-Ball!

David hosted Food-Ball, a television game show that pitted teenage cooks against each other in a dramatic cooking competition!

I was selected as the host of the new gameshow Food-Ball produced by Breakin’ the Food Chain, LLC and directed by David Rawlings.  An entire eleven episodes were filmed at the campus of the East Valley Institute of Technology.  It was a whirlwind week with two episodes shot each day:  one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We ended the week with an exciting championship episode.

The Food-Ball Cast
The Food-Ball Show Cast at the judges table.

The teens who came in to cook were between 15 and 19 years-old and had various levels of cooking ability.  Each team had to create two courses, either an appetizer and an entrée or dessert,

and were judged by a panel of three judges:  Jon-Paul Hutchins, a culinary arts educator, a local and national TV personality and member of the Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame, Hayley Gibbons, creator Help from Hayley and a Phoenix TV personality, and Gabriel Garfio, executive chef at the Sunnyside Breakfast Lounge in Mesa, Arizona.

David’s co-host, former Miss. Arizona, Kimberly Hoff (the Battlefield Reporter) and recent Cordon-Bleu graduate Ian Ray (“Chef-Ref”) rounded out our cast who became very close companions through the shoot.  Jon-Paul’s humor and banter on set with everyone made for a very light and fun atmosphere which helped put everyone at ease especially the contestants who were naturally stressed having to cook under time pressure.

The footage is now in editing and I’m awaiting the announcement of where it will be aired.  More to come….

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